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November 3, 2014 at 6:41:00 AM UTC
A long day’s work…

safe2115976 artist:whitediamonds493 applejack196046 rarity212770 earth pony422247 pony1477122 unicorn511776 rarijack daily237 g41642676 duo155968 duo female27501 eyebrows21481 eyebrows visible through hair10131 eyes closed133494 female1737730 floppy ears70205 freckles41411 glasses85030 hatless2469 horn139366 leaf1505 lesbian114692 lying down41691 mare701919 messy mane10316 missing accessory9923 prone33662 rarity's glasses891 ship:rarijack8096 shipping245729 signature41414 snuggling7299 sweat38372 tired4289


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Background Pony #95CC
Bucking & sewing all day can take a lot of a pony, so, just cuddles & rest now. All these are so cute, keep them coming.