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December 5, 2014 at 10:03:00 AM UTC
The dreaded perfume section of the department store…

safe2119452 artist:whitediamonds495 applejack196238 rarity212999 earth pony423935 pony1548102 unicorn513106 rarijack daily237 g41933937 applejack's hat13638 bag9044 clothes612170 cowboy hat24555 duo156806 duo female27631 eyebrows21727 eyes closed133820 female1742150 freckles41666 glowing17486 glowing horn28201 hat119675 horn173178 lesbian114783 levitation15742 magic93813 magic aura8469 mare704141 open mouth225804 perfume307 raised hoof66651 saddle bag7971 scarf30921 ship:rarijack8103 shipping246025 signature41523 smell232 sparkles8116 sweat38563 telekinesis37839 underhoof66657


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Music Connoisseur
As someone who doesn’t like the smell of perfumes and colognes that much, Applejack continues to be my spirit animal
Background Pony #29C6
Most people normally only wear one type of fragrance and some people sometimes wear two types of fragrances at once to mix it up, but five types of fragrances? Rarity clearly went way overboard there.
No wonder AJ had to cover her nose, that’s way too much fragrance!
Background Pony #162F
Quick applejack use your hat and to breath just what brace banner did with his jacket in hulk so do it
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And people wonder why, in almost every Rarijack and Appledash fic, every time a pony smells AJ’s mane, they go crazy with lust. You want to know why? It’s natural. None of these cloyingly sweet perfumes and sprays. Just the pure, simple scent of apples, earth, and the sweat of honest work.
Background Pony #25E9
You’d think the people who worked there would have a high rate of respiratory problems and that department a super high turnover, I don’t know how they stand it. It’s be worse with unicorn employees levitating the stuff to you and spraying you from a distance.