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September 12, 2023 at 11:27:44 PM UTC
💜fluttershy and rarity💛
#MLP #mlpfanart #mlpfim #mlpart #rarishy

safe2116481 artist:maxi_ponie12 fluttershy251918 rarity212819 pegasus470835 pony1477687 unicorn512002 g41838541 chest fluff61738 comb781 cute256879 duo156188 duo female27521 eyebrows21500 female1738284 folded wings17642 glowing17141 glowing horn28075 horn139456 lesbian114690 levitation15717 light blue background206 looking at someone13164 magic93682 magic aura8447 mare702234 one eye closed43926 open mouth224911 open smile26208 raised hoof66559 raribetes6869 ship:flarity1976 shipping245819 shyabetes18623 signature41430 simple background568637 sitting88230 smiling376269 telekinesis37787 wings207646


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