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Color circle
Big Macintosh, Sunburst, Fluttershy, Queen Chrysalis, Rainbow Dash, Nightmare Moon, Grimace, Izzy Moonbow
The characters were selected by the patrons through a vote made in discord.

safe2116938 artist:jcosneverexisted3080 big macintosh32794 fluttershy251955 izzy moonbow19486 nightmare moon19954 queen chrysalis41230 rainbow dash272770 sunburst8582 alicorn302563 changeling63860 changeling queen23040 pegasus471021 pony1478150 unicorn512153 g41925764 g565824 clothes611230 color wheel50 color wheel challenge39 female1738635 grimace339 looking at you246108 male529006 mare702488 one of these things is not like the others501 stallion183888


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Background Pony #70A8
Heck is Grimace doing here? Wouldn’t Spike be a better choice? Or even, you know, Twilight Sparkle?