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February 27, 2015 at 1:45:09 PM UTC
Ya’ll don’t need all that fancy makeup, Sugarcube! You’re jus’ perfect as-is.

safe2119556 artist:whitediamonds495 applejack196244 rarity213006 earth pony423973 pony1548209 unicorn513143 rarijack daily237 g41933958 applejack's hat13638 comb783 cosmetics37 cowboy hat24555 cute257451 duo156818 duo female27641 eyebrows21738 eyebrows visible through hair10200 false eyelashes42 female1742285 floppy ears70486 freckles41671 glowing17490 glowing horn28202 hat119688 holding5099 horn173195 lesbian114800 levitation15743 looking at each other32305 looking at someone13381 magic93817 magic aura8469 makeup37569 mare704231 mascara920 messy mane10341 open mouth225832 open smile26640 raised hoof66659 ship:rarijack8103 shipping246047 signature41528 sitting88457 smiling377508 telekinesis37841


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Background Pony #03A2
She’s right you know. Ponies look so cute even when they first wake up in the morning.
Background Pony #0EC0
Let your mane down, Rarity, it looks cute like that & even Applejack thinks so, too. Let your natural beauty shine through.

Is it bad that I like make-up-less version of Rarity more than normal Rarity? It’s probably bad. I should feel bad.  
Need more of make-up-less Rarity!