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January 19, 2015 at 10:43:46 AM UTC
Best friends against all odds.

safe2119705 artist:whitediamonds495 applejack196264 rarity213021 earth pony424052 pony1548606 unicorn513228 rarijack daily237 g41934214 applejack's hat13645 cowboy hat24564 cute257467 duo156846 duo female27648 eyes closed133844 female1745978 freckles41688 hat119714 horn173233 jackabetes7773 lesbian114806 lying down41917 mare707855 nuzzling4937 prone33726 raribetes6881 ship:rarijack8105 shipping246065 signature41534 smiling377565


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Talking, magical cartoon ponies on the other hand suffer no such restrictions. Also because ponies are cute and cats are cute so ponies behaving like cats are double cute.
I think it has something to do with breathing because we had a cat that only audibly purred when exhaling. ’Course it was also mute so it might have been an exception.
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Some people are turned on by lesbians; some people are assholes and hate lesbians; some people apparently think any two women in the same room who aren’t talking about how much they like dudes must be lesbians.
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If two females are in a romantic relationship, it’s a lesbian relationship. Sex doesn’t have to be depicted in the art for the tag to be deserved, if they’re supposed to be a couple it should be there, and they are.
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Okay. Rarijack is the romantic pairing of Applejack and Rarity. They are both female. Two females in a relationship are in a ‘lesbian’ relationship. This is from Rarijack Daily, so this is appropriately tagged Rarijack, thus it also means lesbian.