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January 29, 2023 at 8:58:48 PM UTC
I know I’ve been just posting coloured sketches for quite a while, to my surprise people seem to like them? so maybe trying your…

safe2119547 artist:flutterberrypie80 apple bloom58914 pinkie pie250109 rainbow dash272982 scootaloo57851 sweetie belle55735 twilight sparkle349961 earth pony423969 pegasus472429 pony1548197 unicorn513140 g41933954 abstract background23028 adorabloom3772 apple bloom's bow3158 blank flank9589 bow42647 colored pinnae225 cute257449 cutealoo3754 cutie mark crusaders21992 cutie mark cuties86 dashabetes11885 diapinkes12350 diasweetes3631 female1742274 filly93857 foal40384 hair bow24308 high res103296 horn173190 lying down41902 mare704224 no pupils5613 open mouth225827 open smile26640 prone33722 raised hoof66658 round ears21 signature41528 smiling377503 spread wings88607 twiabetes14965 unicorn twilight31417 wings208711


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