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September 5, 2022 at 3:56:41 AM UTC
Have you drawn flutterdash before?

safe2118610 artist:flutterberrypie80 fluttershy252078 rainbow dash272900 pegasus471685 pony1479739 g41930859 colored pinnae221 cute257271 dashabetes11881 dialogue88971 duo156593 duo female27590 female1740144 floating5546 flying52785 hooves on face127 lesbian114761 looking at each other32254 looking at someone13311 love6494 mare703583 no pupils5611 open mouth225492 pencil drawing10804 ship:flutterdash5772 shipping245960 shyabetes18641 sitting88392 smiling377082 speech bubble36826 spread wings88516 sweatband724 talking10113 traditional art139760 wings208343


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