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moondancer ~
finally getting around to making a bio for Moondancer in my nextgen!
I took inspiration from her G1 design, I’m just not a fan of the yellow-y off white in her G4 design. Also gave her mane a cooler magenta tone so it would mesh better with the purple streaks. She also gets her own original hairstyle cause I’ve never liked her being a twilight recolor :] blue bow in her hair as a nod to her G1 design
In my nextgen (the sugarverse), Moondancer is paired with Sunburst and they have 3 kids, Word Play, Equinox, and Brainstorm (you can see Word Play and Equinox here, Brainstorm’s ref is TBD and Equinox’s ref is VERY out of date haha)
[sugarverse] Wordplay by bishopony [sugarverse] Equinox by bishopony
I’m retconning Moondancer and Sunburst also being with Flash Sentry, cause frankly I’m not really that interested in his character ^^’ After reconnecting with Twilight and her old friends, Moondancer decides that it’s time for a change of pace and moves to the Crystal Empire to study the crystal’s magical properties, with the help of twilight and her being the sister in law to the ruler of the empire haha. Here she meets Sunburst, they start off on the wrong foot, but Sunburst eventually makes a good impression and the two hit it off. They’re the nerdiest couple in all of equestria
As for their son Word Play being a foal teacher, it did take a bit for them to come around to the idea of him not studying much more advanced material. Also, Moondancer is a dropout of Celestia’s School of Magic in my nextgen lol
you can read about Sunburst here -

safe2087684 artist:bishopony71 moondancer5843 classical unicorn5190 pony1446626 unicorn498450 blush scribble64 blushing256759 cloven hooves15102 cutie mark background2156 female1708456 gradient background21370 high res92890 horn134567 leonine tail12770 mare683204 nose in the air1858 raised hoof65226 signature40063 smiling366274 solo1359176 unshorn fetlocks41667


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