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safe2211499 artist:gigason903 oc967202 oc only704775 oc:glinting night1 pony1641711 unicorn556305 bags under eyes3399 cloven hooves17057 colored hooves13450 ear piercing45890 earring34113 female1845632 frown37113 golden eyes571 gradient horn418 gradient legs582 gradient mane2950 gradient tail1305 high res410131 hoof polish2254 horn211727 horseshoes3049 jewelry118057 leonine tail14660 lidded eyes50364 magical lesbian spawn15677 mare768162 obtrusive watermark7996 offspring50739 parent:moonlight raven71 parent:twilight sparkle10420 piercing66597 ponytail28424 raised hoof72576 solo1456970 sparkly mane1478 sparkly tail830 standing27047 striped horn192 tail110754 unshorn fetlocks49512 watermark24763 yellow eyes4292


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