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I’m looking out 4 you!!! <3
They were destined to be in love the moment they appeared on screen together
Also g5 is genuinely good

safe2115791 artist:ariariari.png158 izzy moonbow19429 sunny starscout18767 earth pony422128 pony1476898 unicorn511666 g565595 bag9021 bracelet14754 braid9255 braided ponytail594 cheek to cheek306 clothes610748 cute256739 cutie mark on clothes5625 duo155901 female1737496 fluttershy's cutie mark505 friendship bracelet733 happy42633 heart71753 izzybetes2337 izzyscout450 jewelry106558 lesbian114687 looking at each other32077 looking at someone13108 mane stripe sunny6520 mare701750 nuzzling4936 ponytail25621 rainbow dash's cutie mark539 saddle bag7964 shipping245702 sitting88188 smiling375997 smiling at each other2014 sparkles8090 squishy cheeks3107 sunnybetes1494 tongue out141294 twilight sparkle's cutie mark576


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