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“How about we get you one that fits?”

Title is self explenatory, Flurry wanted try out how she would look lik in armor (even strike up some heroic pose or two), but Shining caught her in the act.
I already touched upon in some past drawing that in my AU Flurry wanted to become a guard just like her dad.
I guess this drawing takes place before this one: HERE
In fact, remembering that one, I’m probably going to redo her armor, not much of a fun of it.

safe2119177 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1140 princess flurry heart9228 shining armor27189 alicorn302937 pony1485221 unicorn512999 g41933829 alternate universe12471 armor30175 beard5388 caught4254 ear fluff47530 emanata2294 eyebrows21695 eyebrows visible through hair10195 facial hair9582 father and child2375 father and daughter3746 female1741829 large wings2583 leg fluff4572 looking at each other32298 looking at someone13372 male529742 mare703918 mirror7160 older37802 older flurry heart2651 older shining armor26 royal guard armor1237 smiling377394 stallion184329 unshorn fetlocks43220 warrior flurry heart49 wings208630


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