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How to catch a smart horse 📚

safe2117736 artist:lrusu974 twilight sparkle349811 alicorn302695 pony1478910 g41926654 blatant lies1636 book42158 bookhorse699 chest fluff61787 cute257136 eyes on the prize6679 it's a trap229 open mouth225197 open smile26344 rope15389 schmuck bait11 sign5107 smiling376707 solo1381694 starry eyes5307 suspiciously specific denial71 that pony sure does love books1331 trap (device)400 twiabetes14951 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146024 wingding eyes37254


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Background Pony #7FCE
well if the sign says its definetly not a trap that it’s definetly not a trap, how can a sign lie?
Background Pony #B590
We need variations of this pic…
Rainbow Dash and a mug of cider
Derpy and a muffin
Celestia and a cake
Applejack and an apple
Sonata and a taco
Starlight Glimmer and a kite
Maud Pie and a rock
Pinkie Pie and a party invitation
Spike and a picture of Rarity
Silverstream and a picture of stairs
Lyra and a picture of hands