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safe2119505 artist:petaltwinkle838 princess cadance38880 twilight sparkle349958 alicorn303043 pony1548151 unicorn513118 g41933938 cute257442 cutedance1551 duo156817 eating12951 eyes closed133825 female1742209 filly93856 filly cadance136 filly twilight sparkle3357 floppy ears70483 foalsitter112 food97388 glowing17489 glowing horn28202 horn173181 ice cream6357 ice cream cone1020 levitation15743 licking26724 lying down41898 magic93815 onomatopoeia7774 signature41527 simple background569768 sleeping28614 sound effects3751 teen princess cadance1127 telekinesis37840 tongue out141577 twiabetes14964 unicorn twilight31417 white background152059 younger22213 zzz3239


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