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I was going to do the mane 6 from g4, but I know that’s been done to death. And I debated if Pipp should be a breezie or not, but I decided on another hippogriff because I knew I would get the nagging comments “how can a breezie and a hippogriff be sisters?”
Oh I forgot about Sparky but he would be a pony c : maybe I’ll add him in later
edit oops I made Misty’s hair the wrong colors……….. I’ll fix it if I ever draw them again

safe2116535 artist:primrosepaper105 hitch trailblazer12371 izzy moonbow19474 misty brightdawn6555 pipp petals18783 sunny starscout18809 zipp storm14934 changedling11182 changeling63843 classical hippogriff6315 deer9262 dragon81199 hippogriff13233 kirin14502 g565741 artificial horn563 artificial wings2832 augmented4037 buck178 changedlingified275 changeling misty1 cloven hooves15568 colored wings12893 deerified434 dragoness13496 dragonified2092 eyebrows21501 female1738342 gradient wings1635 grin59936 group7139 high res103185 hippogriffied221 horn139466 kirin-ified1000 looking at you246009 magic93688 magic horn503 magic wings1367 male528832 mane five3732 mane six (g5)624 open mouth224923 open smile26209 raised claw135 sextet325 signature41430 simple background568704 smiling376295 smiling at you21393 smirk17493 species swap25801 spread wings88292 watermark23050 white background151650 wingless dragon15 wings207668


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Background Pony #8259
Yes I agree that Sprout would definitely be a yak but I have to say sunny and hitch grew up in the same place I think they would both be deers but that’s just me there’s probably a very good reason why she’s a dragon though that I’m just not getting

That would depend on that being the case in canon.
Anyway, this is the show should have done if not for the obvious limits imposed by the franchise being named My Little Pony. (It could apply to just Sparky, but given his iffy reception right now…)