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Artist’s comment:
We’re more than just friends
We’re a family!

safe2118554 artist:jaanhavi50 hitch trailblazer12478 izzy moonbow19547 misty brightdawn6628 pipp petals18860 sunny starscout18955 zipp storm15037 earth pony423483 pegasus471662 pony1479690 unicorn512748 g566287 adorapipp2889 adorazipp1022 cute257268 eyes closed133722 female1740086 group7160 group hug1193 high res103263 hitchbetes543 hug36358 izzybetes2361 male529518 mane five3746 mane six (g5)633 mane stripe sunny6571 mare703540 mistybetes804 rebirth misty2418 royal sisters (g5)2481 sextet326 siblings19942 simple background569438 sisters16704 smiling377061 stallion184209 sunnybetes1527 white background151921


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Background Pony #8283
Same here. I just wanna start hugging everypony of their “mane family” group, including Misty herself. ^^
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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Awwww ❤️❤️❤️
I need more pics like this of the mane 5 hugging Misty ❤️