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Bright dawn

safe2211868 artist:petaltwinkle1006 misty brightdawn9327 bunnycorn381 pony1642030 rabbit9279 unicorn556461 g579766 age progression901 cute271390 ears back4590 fake cutie mark992 female1846025 filly100707 filly misty brightdawn216 floppy ears75062 frown37123 gradient horn419 gradient legs582 heart79556 heart eyes30896 height difference2918 hoof hold13537 horn211906 jewelry118118 long horn1844 mare768384 medallion908 mistybetes1315 necklace33629 older41465 pale belly3445 physique difference1066 plushie31442 progression162 raised hoof72601 rebirth misty4340 reflection4868 signature46409 smiling411693 solo1457284 sparkly mane1480 starry tail1114 tail110834 unshorn fetlocks49522 wingding eyes42188 younger23427


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Background Pony #523E
Also can you believe that she couldn’t use unicorn magic until she got her cutie mark. That’s never happened before in the old days.