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I saw some people saying that Alphabittle being Misty’s dad would ruin their Misty ships with Pipp and Zipp. I say SKILL ISSUE.
Just like in mahjong, if you get put in furiten, just tripple down and tsumo.

safe2117083 artist:magician-horse34 derpibooru exclusive38792 misty brightdawn6568 pipp petals18799 zipp storm14948 pegasus471086 pony1478265 unicorn512199 g565864 blushing261523 coat markings12010 dawnstorm30 female1738771 lesbian114698 lucky bitch18 misspelling of you're98 misty brightdawn gets all the mares3 misty brightdawn gets all the princesses3 mistypetals14 pale belly2735 pippzipp112 polyamory7797 rebirth misty2369 royal sisters (g5)2471 shipping245842 siblings19912 simple background568938 sisters16680 socks (coat markings)7263 white background151735


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Background Pony #90A4
Yeah, most polyamory romance with stepsister shipping to ever experience here. You’re certainly one lucky pony, Misty. :}
Background Pony #8FAA
With Alphahaven and Misty being Alpha’s daughter… this is gonna be awkward…
Background Pony #83BA
I actually looked up if this would be incest, as far as I know it isn’t since they weren’t raised together.
Background Pony #3BC3
Seems like the G5 fandom is reverting back to it’s root.
Sorry Hitch, when these sisters say they only play board games with you, they mean it. No offence.