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Twilight Sparkle wearing Crocs: a thread
starting with the OG by kleyime
(or you can skip the thread and find my whole collection at https://twicrocs.smol.horse )

safe2119143 artist:thebatfang501 twilight sparkle349921 pony1480177 unicorn512975 g41933824 crocs98 cute257394 female1740737 frog (hoof)19337 glowing17458 glowing horn28187 hoof focus105 hooves24946 horn139953 levitation15735 looking at you246508 looking down13835 looking down at you1355 magic93789 magic aura8468 mare703903 pink background5848 raised hoof66641 shoes removed252 simple background569624 smiling377367 smirk17507 solo1382723 telekinesis37826 twiabetes14959 twilight crockle35 underhoof66652 unicorn twilight31408


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