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Gamer Apple 2021 [Perosnal]
So for a while there I kept ending up a small apple horse. It was fine, but they kept sending me home from work…So why not play games.
Art, Miyuki, Nemians © Blueberrysnow
Applebloom, MLP © Hasbro

safe2118093 artist:blueberrysnow57 apple bloom58890 earth pony423281 pony1479246 g41929177 beanbag chair558 bow42597 choker20142 clothes611726 controller3102 dexterous hooves880 dialogue88965 female1739719 filly93773 foal40290 gamer421 gaming740 gaming headset425 hair bow24287 headphones10166 headset2374 heterochromia8336 post-transformation174 sitting88369 solo1381932 speech bubble36823 tongue out141483 underhoof66619


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Background Pony #C331
I like Apple Bloom, and this one too, but why does she have a heterochromia here?
Likely the artist trying to add their own touch, which, if they want to do their own touch to things, maybe do an oc with that. Not use an established character that is well known & is known to have the same color eyes on both sides. Nice art, but, the pointless change is well, pointless.