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safe2118976 artist:liaaqila1380 princess celestia110423 princess luna114786 scootaloo57842 alicorn302899 pegasus471836 pony1480062 g41930952 alektorophobia58 blank flank9585 butt219278 chicken jumpscare1 commission110709 covering eyes547 cute257325 cutealoo3754 eyes closed133775 female1740548 filly93830 flying52799 foal40354 folded wings17703 high res103279 holding a pony4235 horn139911 jumpscare195 mare703813 missing cutie mark6188 misspelling3094 open mouth225627 plot136123 royal sisters6397 scared13824 scootachicken1005 siblings19962 signature41505 simple background569568 sisters16721 speech bubble36829 spread wings88550 that princess sure is afraid of chickens53 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon293 traditional art139771 trio24026 underhoof66644 white background151985 wings208464


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Background Pony #542C
Come to think of it, Celestia has never once interacted with Scootaloo in the show.
Celestia did interacted with Scootaloo in most of the comics.