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August 19, 2023.

safe2118976 artist:king-kakapo1318 princess celestia110423 twilight sparkle349907 deer9275 pony1480062 unicorn512920 g41930952 antlers3486 celestia is not amused708 cloven hooves15580 dear princess celestia140 deerified435 deerlestia34 dialogue88983 duo156719 female1740548 frown34168 looking at you246465 mare703813 narrowed eyes1395 pun8772 simple background569568 sitting88413 species swap25827 talking to viewer5448 unamused23198 unicorn twilight31407 visual pun2255 white background151985


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Now we need “Bear princess Celestia!”, “Beer princess Celestia!”, “Gear princess Celestia!” and, of cource, “Fear princess Celestia!”