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An educator with an unusual ability to detect troublemakers. Her class is full of well-behaved children :D

safe2118972 artist:badumsquish2441 derpibooru exclusive38819 cheerilee11091 monster pony4766 original species35162 pony1480057 rokurokubi36 g41930952 alternate hairstyle36403 bedroom eyes79228 chalkboard3568 classroom2112 clothes611944 dress59495 female1740544 hoof hold12317 impossibly long neck351 little nightmares20 long neck1361 looking at you246465 mare703812 necc398 ponified49422 prehensile neck15 ruler423 skirt53214 smiling377253 smirk17507 solo1382551 species swap25827 teacher1210


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Don’t blame me for this one. Blame Little Nightmares II :P
@Clever Clovers
That school nearly caused several race wars AND nearly destroyed the world. I’ll take my chances with Monsterlee :P
Though she can serve as a nice scarf for you :D
This clip should answer all your questions. Make sure you watch for at least 30 seconds :D
She is ALWAYS watching :P
You’re in luck :P
@Dirty Bit
It’s a creepy game, but my only criticism of it is it does the same thing Limbo and Inside do, where there are zero consequences for dying and almost all the deaths are untelegraphed instant kills, so the whole game is you basically run forward, die, respawn, dodge that death, run forward, die, respawn, and so on :P
@Background Pony #D9B7
Potentially :D
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
It’s good to have a teacher who would gladly stick her neck out for her students.
Never played the Little Nightmares games, but a friend of mine does.
She reminds me of this minor One Piece antagonist who worked as a Teacher and a Pirate.
In Wano, right? I can definitely see that.
Background Pony #C83A
Reminds me of a Japanese monster that is essentially a long-necked woman.