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November 24, 2022 at 2:39:36 PM UTC
Have some good vibes with Fluttershy! ;3
#Fluttershy #MLP #MyLittlePony

safe2116524 artist:falafeljake415 fluttershy251926 pegasus470850 pony1477747 g41925710 blushing261521 chest fluff61740 cute256891 ear fluff47427 eyebrows21500 female1738316 grin59936 heart71817 looking at you246000 mare702272 one eye closed43929 shyabetes18623 signature41430 simple background568702 sitting88234 smiling376290 smiling at you21390 solo1380728 spread wings88290 white background151649 wings207664 wink31900 winking at you3047


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