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Blubberbolt Dash Drive Pt.1
Here we go again, in more ways than one.
If you wish to support Dash’s impending BWOMP-
Head over to this google form to pledge money to the cause
I’d super appreciate if you give the form a look!

safe2118718 artist:graphenescloset803 rainbow dash272904 spitfire15437 pegasus471719 pony1479807 series:blubberbolt dash18 g41930927 captain of the wonderbolts20 clothes611899 comic132253 dialogue88977 drill sergeant196 incentive drive444 necktie10751 open mouth225533 open smile26492 smiling377153 speech bubble36828 spitfire's office225 spitfire's tie294 spread wings88525 suit8658 this will end in weight gain544 tubby wubby pony waifu270 uniform15788 weight gain sequence1626 wings208418 wonderbolts dress uniform853 wonderbolts uniform7245


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It’s that time again, I love these. I kinda hope Spitfire gets roped into the weight gain. Make her Spotfatty! I love how Rainbow Dash gets another round.
Background Pony #3DA3
I think Rainbow Dash will enjoy it if Spitfire assures her that it’s competitive in nature.