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January 1, 2017 at 2:36:15 AM UTC
Insert clever twi-dash title here
Update: Flipped image cause I like it a bit better this way and the old way was starting to look weird to me
This was my attempt at a more show-accurate style of doing muzzles. Still had to put in a bit of that angle though cause otherwise it just looks odd to me
Commission for Trademark 2/7 – Thank you so much <3
1440p, 4k, 8k super high resolutions as well as original PSD file available on my Patreon! Want a commission? Hit me up here! 
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safe2119480 artist:aurelleah91 rainbow dash272980 twilight sparkle349957 alicorn303041 pegasus472399 pony1548125 g41933938 2017751 cloud41666 duo156817 duo female27640 eyebrows21734 eyes closed133825 female1742176 floppy ears70483 folded wings17721 horn173180 hug36367 lesbian114784 lying down41898 mare704159 old art3146 on a cloud2975 prone33722 ship:twidash5772 shipping246028 signature41526 sky21956 smiling377485 snuggling7305 spread wings88601 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146104 winghug3776 wings208690


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