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safe2119170 artist:adostume201 twilight sparkle349924 alicorn302936 pony1480216 g41933828 :p13759 alternate hairstyle36410 blushing261847 clothes612050 cute257402 earbuds1077 eyes closed133797 female1741827 floppy ears70480 folded wings17714 glasses85190 headphones10168 high res103285 hoof heart1831 horn139960 levitation15737 magic93792 mare703915 music4327 music player166 phone11887 ponytail25686 raised hoof66641 simple background569628 smiling377393 socks91327 solo1382751 striped socks27341 telekinesis37828 tongue out141560 twiabetes14959 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146090 underhoof66652 undertale1955 weapons-grade cute4556 wings208629


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