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safe2119142 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1140 applejack196217 discord36645 fluttershy252108 spike90703 twilight sparkle349921 alicorn302930 draconequus19336 dragon81411 earth pony423750 pegasus471910 pony1480177 g41933824 :o6260 beach21332 book42172 butt219307 chest fluff61856 ear fluff47530 eyes closed133793 female1740736 hat119649 imminent popping169 inflatable toy749 inner tube974 leg fluff4572 male529735 mare703901 open mouth225713 plot136138 pool toy1025 prank1696 pure unfiltered evil1960 reading7868 slice of life1617 summer2041 sun bathing52 this will not end well2382 tongue out141556 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146088 underhoof66652 underwater8965 unshorn fetlocks43220 water23689 watergun198 wing fluff2208 wings208589


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Background Pony #B352
Hide under the water so Twilight will have a very hard time finding you Discord, you can breathe underwater in there.

Really love how the guy with both claws and talons goes through the trouble of using a needle because it seems more devious that way. Perfectly in-character.