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Source description:
Yay, a wallpaper that looks good again :)
I don’t have any test anymore now, so I will propably upload some more wallpapers next week.
Original size [4096x2304] download: [here]
Vectors used:
Twilight by: Krusiu42
Rarity by: aeroyTechyon-X
Pinkie by: tollywoga
RD, Fluttershy by: AlmostFictional
Applejack by: Hawk9mm

safe2117948 artist:aeroytechyon-x42 artist:almostfictional47 artist:hawk9mm194 artist:krusiu4239 artist:mithandir730101 artist:tollywoga5 applejack196162 fluttershy252027 pinkie pie250000 rainbow dash272851 rarity212905 twilight sparkle349820 earth pony423205 pegasus471432 pony1479111 unicorn512557 g41926676 abstract background22982 applejack's hat13613 cowboy hat24524 eyes closed133653 eyes open1547 female1739548 flying52756 hat119554 jumping4430 looking sideways1906 mane six36820 mare703143 raised hoof66608 shrug1715 smiling376795 unicorn twilight31385 wallpaper20602 wallpaper edit3870


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