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safe2116066 artist:apple.tothecore27 applejack196050 rainbow dash272686 earth pony422286 firefly (insect)1177 insect3357 pegasus470687 pony1477222 g41642697 the last problem7822 spoiler:s092075 alternate hairstyle36369 bags under eyes2995 blushing261432 braid9257 building3373 bush4369 cider2991 cider mug306 clothes610852 crossed hooves2784 drool33336 drunk5860 drunk aj358 drunker dash469 eye wrinkles88 eyes closed133504 female1737840 flower37321 flower in hair11727 granny smith's shawl285 lesbian114693 looking at someone13121 mare701979 mug6056 night36414 older37722 older appledash35 older applejack1041 older rainbow dash1250 open mouth224802 outdoors19711 passed out298 salivating2380 scarf30826 ship:appledash7556 shipping245734 show accurate25808 sky21917 smiling376104 stars22303 table12499 tree45891 window12972


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