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Uploaded on Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Colored vector version of Nebuki’s sweet sketch pose. ;)
Moved the horn slightly to center it better.
My 660th artist upload! πŸ₯³ Only 6 away from a certain number… O.o

safe2115848 artist:nekubi1004 artist:php178693 editor:php17857 vector edit4190 princess luna114662 alicorn302326 pony1476970 g41642633 .svg available10553 artist interpretation62 belly41001 belly button105441 blue mane3228 blue tail935 blush lines427 blushing261398 clothes610767 colored24133 crossed legs4579 crown28547 draw me like one of your french girls1592 eyeshadow27527 female1737579 flank2231 full body7275 grin59899 horn139343 inkscape2463 interpretation90 jewelry106567 large butt31058 lidded eyes45054 long neck1360 looking at you245817 lounging371 love handles70 lying down41682 makeup37283 mane3260 mare701814 moon30464 no catchlights697 on side8984 regalia34613 sassy513 shoes56570 shrunken pupils5125 simple background568280 sketch79573 smiling376034 smiling at you21344 smirk17489 smug8693 solo1380141 sternocleidomastoid1285 sultry pose3502 svg5135 tail88560 translucent mane64 transparent background274312 transparent tail48 vector88109 wide hips28302


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