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August 7, 2023 at 3:01:58 PM UTC
new mane six for #everfree ! 🌈
prints & original will be available

safe2118745 artist:fleebites51 applejack196196 fluttershy252087 pinkie pie250059 rainbow dash272907 rarity212945 twilight sparkle349907 earth pony423564 pegasus471732 pony1479823 unicorn512820 g41930928 applejack's hat13623 colorful690 cowboy hat24540 ears back3673 eyes closed133746 female1740314 floppy ears70404 flying52792 group7160 hat119619 horn139891 impossibly long tail238 mane six36827 mare703669 open mouth225536 open smile26492 rainbow trail951 sextet326 signature41500 smiling377157 spread wings88529 tail89292 unicorn twilight31406 wings208428


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