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June 11, 2022 at 5:25:48 PM UTC
Canterlot mlp
drawing time, 10 days and 4 hours of drawing per day.
View of canterlot 🌟
#mylittlepony #TwilightSparkle

safe2118566 artist:empress-twilight60 twilight sparkle349889 alicorn302830 pony1479701 g41930814 canterlot6970 canterlot castle2870 cloud41650 cloudy6693 crown28674 detailed background2133 eyebrows21650 eyebrows visible through hair10186 featured image1167 female1740096 grass14578 high res103263 hoof shoes9083 horn139844 house3320 houses253 jewelry106984 looking at you246425 looking back82556 looking back at you27574 mare703549 mountain7295 partially open wings1705 peytral6773 regalia34774 river2567 scenery10110 scenery porn1089 sitting88392 sky21947 solo1382228 turned head1687 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146062 water23552 waterfall2126 wings208339


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Love world building pictures like this. Makes you just sit and think what their society would really be like outside of a children’s cartoon.
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I notice the upper levels have fancy housing for the nobles and the lower levels have shacks for the common rabble.
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