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I extremely love this cute pony!❤️

safe2119534 artist:twiliset135 misty brightdawn6672 pony1548177 unicorn513128 g566644 ask26850 big eyes1907 blushing261877 bronybait3337 cute257444 daaaaaaaaaaaw6647 dark background1572 female1742231 floating heart5702 freckles41667 happy42882 heart71942 hug request526 hugs?70 looking at you246559 lying down41899 mare704201 mistybetes807 red face402 shy5957 simple background569774 smiling377494 smiling at you21576 solo1382998


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Background Pony #6843
@Background Pony #CCAB
Unlikely, since Misty is playing double agent, therefore tempted to spying on Opaline. I’d still prefer Misty’s better friends hugging one another, but different strokes for different folks.
Background Pony #6843
@Background Pony #078F
Hey, she’s just asking for hugs per request, you know. Don’t throw away this sweet chance out the window. She’s still getting hug warmth every step of the way.
Background Pony #6843
@Background Pony #7BA7
And she deserves every mouthwatering pizza slice, every bowlful of ponycorn, and maybe a little Mystic Melon smoothie for good measure. Because truth be told, hunger is equally as important as giving her hugging warmth. That’s at least another thing on Misty’s agenda as well.