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Uploaded by Background Pony #6C01
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Really like that Rockstar Sparkle outfit!

safe2118628 artist:pabbley2743 gameloft7406 twilight sparkle349893 pony1479745 unicorn512771 g41930893 my little pony: magic princess1925 alternate hairstyle36401 clothes611855 cute257274 female1740159 gameloft interpretation425 high res103263 jacket18867 looking at you246426 mare703590 open mouth225495 open smile26476 pigtails6308 rockstar sparkle18 smiling377090 smiling at you21534 solo1382267 spiked wristband1956 twiabetes14957 twintails2215 unicorn twilight31401 weapons-grade cute4556 wristband5052


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Background Pony #B8CA
Yeah well, only we in the fan can do far better than MLP Gameloft can.
I still do not like them using their so called designs of canon characters as other species, only us fans do that far better than MLP Gameloft! >:/
Background Pony #1D2E
@Background Pony #5FDA
Seriously you are posting this on every single rockstar Sparkle pictures…
Please give us a look at the piece of art Gameloft stole from, complaining about it here doesn’t help y’know…
Btw this is epic cute Twily pic.