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The great and powerful Trixie is sillymaxxing

safe2119695 artist:reddthebat417 trixie78132 pony1548598 unicorn513224 g41934213 box6190 bunny suit3582 butt219393 cigarette5337 clothes612279 female1745962 glowing17502 glowing horn28207 gun20160 handgun3937 hipoint2 hoofgun93 horn173228 levitation15744 magic93826 mare707844 mouth hold23034 pistol2837 plot136167 sitting88460 solo1383118 tail89512 tail hole2103 telekinesis37843 weapon40057


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Well then...
“Trixie has just finished playing Shadow the Hedgehog and now wants to try out the uh…“guns” that the black one uses in that game for her magic show.”