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safe2117923 artist:nookprint159 fluttershy252026 rarity212902 pegasus471424 pony1479094 unicorn512548 g41926675 blushing261668 butterscotch2151 cute257155 duo156470 eyes closed133649 female1739529 half r63 shipping2629 high res103229 holding hooves2387 male529336 offscreen character49548 pov19059 raribetes6875 rule 6332664 ship:flarity1976 ship:rariscotch32 shipping245925 smiling376791 straight172387


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Background Pony #3B52
This is the cutest Rarity ship. I love the way she’s drawn. Scotch is adorable in this dynamic.
Background Pony #10DE
“They’re all the better for holding me for the afternoon nap, darling~”
“O-oh um okay—”