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The original idea is not mine, in the commission they asked me to replicate an existing drawing, but I have no idea who the artist is, lol

safe2116055 artist:arwencuack226 princess celestia110341 princess luna114670 alicorn302366 pony1477195 g41642693 ><594 chibi17883 commission110335 cute256767 cute little fangs3226 duo156000 eyes closed133504 fangs38005 frog (hoof)19264 high res103164 hot458 laughing10657 literal butthurt496 meme92144 moon30466 open mouth224801 open smile26169 pain2659 royal sisters6386 siblings19881 sisters16657 smiling376102 sun8915 tangible heavenly object1560 teary eyes6526 underhoof66564


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this is really cute. and I guess its good that we got nightmare moon instead of daybreaker the sun would be hot.