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Artist’s comment:
Princess of the sun, our solar majesty!

safe2118743 ai content12848 ai generated11871 generator:midjourney75 generator:stable diffusion6880 prompter:refractora1 princess celestia110416 alicorn302869 pony1479824 g41930928 cloud41653 crepuscular rays4534 diadem450 female1740315 jewelry107033 mare703670 peytral6794 regalia34784 solo1382363 sparkles8111 sparkly eyes1095 spread wings88530 starry eyes5317 wingding eyes37286 wings208429


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Artist -

Lily Fathom
I love small rounded muzzles so cute! Makes all types of symmetry fun. Equivalente sides and inverse mirror sides with foreshortening become super cute.
Yea, I have an obsession with vanishing points and poses.