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Uploaded on Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Original is by XSatanielX (I’m personally not an NSFW fan, but their arts are really nice πŸ’—), at >>2902684. explicit warning, although this is far from the most extreme NSFW I’ve seen on here.
Completed vector rendition done by me, over two days and eleven hours (8/1-8/2/23).
Due to this being XSatanielX’s original piece but my vectored rendition, I included my signature (very discreet) in addition to keeping XSatanielX’s original signature. πŸ–‹οΈ
SFW edit, but not sure if this should be tagged Safe or Suggestive due to the pose still being a sultry pose. Your call, Derpibooruians.
Second artwork to break 200 upvotes following this one. Surpassed its upvote count of 248 on 8/3/23.
Surpassed 300 upvotes on 8/4/23. First time ever. πŸŽ–οΈ
8/7/23 edit: Still feel like it’s Questionable because of the original position so tags have been changed.
Was changed back to Safe so I guess I was right. Thanks Princess Luna πŸ™‚
Hit 400 upvotes on 8/13/23. πŸ₯³

safe2118971 artist:php178693 artist:xsatanielx941 derpibooru exclusive38819 editor:php17857 vector edit4200 princess luna114785 alicorn302898 pony1480057 rcf community5578 g41930952 .svg available10556 bed55226 bedroom eyes79228 blue mane3329 blue tail1004 butt219279 catchlights89 chest fluff61836 clothes611944 collar46056 colored24141 colored pupils13002 colored wings12938 complex background950 crown28684 cyan eyes409 dock68172 eyeshadow27729 featureless crotch8864 female1740544 floppy ears70408 frog (hoof)19330 glowing17391 glowing eyes14875 glowing mane738 glowing tail198 gradient mane2323 gradient tail949 gradient wings1647 high res103278 highlight50 highlights1103 hoofbutt1708 horn139910 inkscape2464 jewelry107042 lidded eyes45216 long mane6175 long tail4515 looking at you246465 looking back82570 looking back at you27579 lying4501 lying down41864 makeup37507 mane3263 mare703812 missing accessory9934 moonbutt4871 multicolored eyes224 multicolored mane3992 multicolored tail2747 nc-tv signature96 on bed7302 on side8990 patreon14977 patreon logo9534 plot136123 presenting32952 raised hoof66630 raised tail23950 rear view20953 redraw3025 regalia34785 remake843 sfw edit271 shading3856 shadow6658 shadows316 signature41504 socks91304 solo1382551 sparkly mane837 sparkly tail374 spread wings88550 style emulation4759 sultry276 sultry pose3523 svg5138 tail89301 underhoof66644 vector88170 wings208464 wings down620


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