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I had a primal urge to draw best princess today, so here’s LUNA
I tried mixing in some of her season 1 mane into her season 2 mane, i really like how it turned out tbh

safe2119482 artist:renderpoint245 princess luna114809 alicorn303041 pony1548127 g41933938 absurd resolution66089 blue eyes11555 blue mane3345 blue tail1016 coat markings12062 colored wings12946 concave belly2573 constellation1099 cute257442 dappled707 digital art28454 ethereal mane12783 ethereal tail1854 female1742178 flowing mane4473 folded wings17721 freckles41666 glowing17487 glowing horn28202 hair physics96 happy42882 hooves24952 horn173180 long mane6178 long tail4521 looking up23042 magic93814 mane physics87 mare704159 night36484 raised hoof66651 slim3622 smiling377486 solo1382955 standing22824 starry mane6856 starry tail837 stars22353 tail89464 tail physics1 thin3029 turned head1689 two toned wings5663 walking7117 wings208690


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