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safe2116118 artist:applesartt63 applejack196054 earth pony422315 pony1477350 g41642732 bandana6941 barbie350 barbie (film)221 blushing261445 clothes610880 cosplay32611 costume38120 cowboy hat24448 crossover71803 cute256777 ear piercing41220 earring30969 female1737901 freckles41416 hat119307 jackabetes7758 jewelry106603 mare702016 one eye closed43919 open mouth224811 open smile26171 pants21287 piercing60748 smiling376124 solo1380366 vest5524 wink31895


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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
Funny how Applejack is so far from being a Barbie. Also funny how this is a Hasbro character dressed as a Mattel character.
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Grumpy and antisocial
Applejack and Barbie (actually Margot Robbie in many movies she does) share a voice actress in Ukraine (Kateryna Braykovs’ka). Does that counts as a(n accidental) voice acting reference?