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safe2117917 artist:luminousdazzle402 fluttershy252026 pegasus471423 pony1479087 g41926673 g566063 colored wings12923 cute257154 female1739522 flower37476 flower in hair11839 fur994 g4 to g5606 generation leap9499 gradient background22461 high res103229 long mane6166 long tail4512 looking at you246333 mare703132 multicolored wings5046 open mouth225266 open smile26375 raised hoof66608 semi-realistic177 shyabetes18636 smiling376791 smiling at you21499 solo1381803 spread wings88443 tail89055 unshorn fetlocks43179 wings208113


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Sunny Starscout fan
This is so adorable! The lighting, the fur texture, Fluttershy’s expression, is all so cute. Fantastic job on this drawing of such an adorable pony 🥰♥️