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July 26, 2023 at 9:43:10 PM UTC

safe2116052 artist:syrupyyy357 apple bloom58850 scootaloo57791 sweetie belle55697 earth pony422279 pegasus470678 pony1477193 unicorn511810 for whom the sweetie belle toils969 g41642692 the cutie pox761 5-year-old sweetie belle45 accessory swap2014 apple bloom's bow3142 bow42527 buy some apples159 cutie mark crusaders21967 emanata2281 female1737823 filly93710 foal40190 gradient background22364 hair bow24237 high res103164 horn139378 open mouth224801 open smile26169 scooter1531 smiling376102 trio23900


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Background Pony #2302
Sweetie Belle from the top right corner is like: “I’ve made some mistakes.”