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safe2116107 artist:pfeffaroo624 sunny starscout18797 twilight sparkle349623 alicorn302380 earth pony422312 pony1477344 g565665 the last problem7823 braid9257 braided ponytail594 coat markings11989 colored24133 concave belly2472 crown28563 duo156027 duo female27503 eyes closed133507 female1737896 height difference1955 high res103172 hoof shoes9059 hug36324 jewelry106603 long mane6148 mane stripe sunny6530 mare702015 nuzzling4936 older37726 older twilight3196 ponytail25628 princess shoes871 princess twilight 2.03651 raised hoof66546 raised leg11234 regalia34631 smiling376121 socks (coat markings)7249 spread wings88239 sunny and her heroine303 tall1045 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145935 unshorn fetlocks43119 wings207530


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Background Pony #8E19
Sunny with my favourite MLP G4 character! Twilight would make an EXELLENT teacher for Sunny!
I love it!