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sinful gay yaoi babies :3 (>~<)!
in my scootadash era
🛴🌩️ my sinful yaoi babies

safe2119169 artist:feralkittyclawz44 rainbow dash272947 scootaloo57847 pegasus471925 pony1480215 g41933827 age difference4128 butt219312 clothes612049 cute257401 cutealoo3754 duo156748 eyes closed133797 fake hair7 fake tail175 female1740863 filly93844 floating heart5698 foal40366 folded wings17714 forehead kiss374 grin60092 heart71930 kiss on the lips6087 kissing31356 lesbian114771 lying down41884 mare703912 one eye closed44006 open mouth225738 open smile26603 plot136144 prone33716 pseudoincest312 rainbow6394 rainbow background408 raised hooves472 scarf30918 ship:scootadash877 shipping246007 signature41518 smiling377393 spread wings88575 starry eyes5328 tail89425 underhoof66652 wingding eyes37304 wings208627


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Husband of Rainbow Dash.
It’s not incest, though I personally would rather RD was with aged up Scoots or heck, waited before getting it on with her. Much as I love these two I don’t really see them as a couple but I can see why others do.
I honestly headcanon Scoots as a creepy Yandere for Rainbow. Scootaobsession.
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Artist -

artist here, im fine if mods or whoever wants to add tags like foalcon to this bc its meant to be a shipping artwork and i know many ponies dont want to see that, or just something so people can easily filter this out. thanks!