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safe2119531 artist:badumsquish2441 derpibooru exclusive38832 rarity213006 spike90708 living hieroglyph17 monster pony4769 original species35171 pegasus472414 pony1548176 unicorn513127 g41933942 accessory swap2015 aftermath377 alternate cutie mark2462 barb1846 bedroom eyes79257 blushing261876 carousel boutique3041 curse241 cursed463 dialogue89007 duo156817 ear piercing41332 earring31032 egyptian1754 egyptian pony880 eyeshadow27774 female1742230 flirting2350 frown34202 glare8949 glowing cutie mark581 headband5383 hieroglyphics164 high res103294 imminent sex10147 implied raridash47 implied transgender transformation320 jewelry107218 lesbian114784 lip bite14882 looking at you246559 makeup37565 male529923 mare704200 new rainbow dash65 nuzzling4937 open mouth225823 painting4607 piercing60885 ponified49433 ponified spike349 recolor5355 rule 6332667 scared13831 ship:sparity8031 shipping246031 show accurate25847 somnambulan curse15 species swap25837 speech bubble36844 spread wings88601 squishy cheeks3106 straight172471 tail89474 transformation14914 trap (device)400 wall1004 wingboner9488 wings208701


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
@Parallel Black
He’s gotta give those mare parts a try before he turns back into a dragon :P
Spike will have the sudden urge to yell “so awesome” when he climaxes :P
The curse only takes you into account. It can benefit others. Spike and Rarity had a feedback loop of sorts :P
@Background Pony #C24A
He deserves all the wins XD
@Clever Clovers
That night came the honeymoon :P