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safe2116116 artist:noupu502 princess celestia110344 twilight sparkle349624 alicorn302382 pony1477349 unicorn511846 g41642732 cute256776 duo156027 eyes closed133507 female1737900 filly93713 filly twilight sparkle3355 floppy ears70213 frown34019 kiss on the head80 kissing31312 looking at you245898 lying down41700 mare702015 momlestia1113 ponified animal photo948 prone33663 twiabetes14939 twilight sparkle is not amused1935 unamused23140 unicorn twilight31300 younger22191


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Background Pony #EB1A
what a disgusting face…
there should be a phrase like: “but princess, I’m already a big girl …”