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A wonderful commission I got from ArtHaruhi. Izzy knows how to turn Sprout’s frown upside.

safe2117118 artist:haruh_ink110 izzy moonbow19493 sprout cloverleaf2357 earth pony422706 pony1478283 unicorn512206 g565873 coat markings12010 commissioner:puffydearlysmith34 cute256991 duo156330 duo male and female4336 female1738814 floppy ears70264 floral head wreath3107 flower37370 happy42678 izzybetes2351 male529072 mare702570 open mouth224989 open smile26242 raised hoof66584 smiling376438 socks (coat markings)7263 sproutbetes132 sproutlove22 stallion183919 unshorn fetlocks43137


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