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Pipp and Misty have a good time together ^^
Commission for PuffySmith (twitter)

safe2116465 artist:madelinne320 misty brightdawn6554 pipp petals18783 pegasus470824 pony1477656 unicorn511987 g565718 absurd resolution66073 adorapipp2868 balloon12680 blowing up balloons284 commissioner:puffydearlysmith34 cute256877 duo156179 duo female27519 female1738258 happy42660 heart71808 heart balloon406 inflating192 jewelry106661 lesbian114691 mare702203 mistybetes790 mistypetals13 open mouth224909 open smile26206 puffy cheeks5019 shipping245817 sitting88226 smiling376258 tiara6577 unshorn fetlocks43134


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Red Ranger3142

I’ve seen a lot of different pony art styles over the years, but this is so show accurate it’s almost uncanny. Misty in particular looks like she was lifted right out of the show.
Background Pony #58B1
And the heart balloon Pipp’s holding? Yeah, I think my heart just exploded! Too stinking cute for these two cuddly ponies!